Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Universal Advertising, Thane provides 2D and 3D Animation Services

Universal Advertising  goal has been to create and nurture a community of talented animation artists. Universal has melded classical techniques and high tech computer power to create a wide choice in visual styles and imagery. Universal Advertising pioneers in creating animated videos, story boards, logo and Character design and much more related to field of animations.
Universal Advertising is a full service animation studio, which means that we offer:
- Traditional Hand Drawn Animation
- 2D and 3D Computer Generated Imagery
- Web Design and Flash Animation
- Clay and Cut-Out Animation
- Logo and Character Design
- Morphing and Warping

- Rotoscoping
- Storyboards and Animatics
- Stop Motion Animation
- 16mm and 35mm Film
- Nonlinear Editing- Broadcast Video

Universal an leading company in Digital Content and Animation Software.
For more details plz visit:http://www.ucc-india.com/2d-and-3d-animation.html


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