Saturday, 5 November 2011

School Management Software

School Management Software - Universal Advertising, Thane

Universal Advertising made a software for School Management Software
School Management Software is the best solution for School Management Services Website. School Management Software covers each and every unit of the school like Teachers, Management, Financial Department, Students, Parents and Librarian etc.
School Management Software covers each and every department of the school and it makes functioning of any educational institute easy.
Features of School Management
  1. School register – teachers, children, parents with contact information
  2. Gradebook 
  3. Attendance register 
  4. Parental access
  5. Grade reports
  6. Transport information
  7. Analytical and statistical tools of children and teacher performance
  8. News board
  9. Internal communication system 
  10. File upload, sharing and storage
  11. Homework and assignment record
  12. Lesson scheduling 
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